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Testimonials from customers - Tell us about your experience!

I have been testing out this new card and I thought I would share my results. Recently I have been slow to purchase mikrotik for my wireless build outs, mainly because wireless N performance hasn't been real solid yet. I have a couple of mikrotik ptp N links set up for testing purposes and up until the last week or so I haven't been too impressed. After testing this DBii card along with ROS 5.0 though, I think I will be in the market for more mikrotik. At least for ptp links. I'll try to give some details of what my experience has been so far. I have an existing link that was utilizing R52Hn's. On one end I have an RB433 and on the other I have an RB411. Both units are running ROS 5.0. The link is 5ghz N Only and I am using NV2 along with WDS. I'm using both chains. The length is just shy of 10 miles. With the R52Hn's, the signal levels were right around 71, both send and receive. The throughput was right around 50-55mbps both send and receive. This was testing from the client side. I replaced the R52Hn on the client side with the F52N and the received signal level increased by 1-2 db and the transmit signal level stayed pretty much the same, maybe 1db less if any. Received throughput was a couple of mb's higher but on the transmit side, throughput increased by nearly 20mbps! It was pushing 72mbps and the ccq levels rose by about 30 percentage points. It was quite impressive. One thing I did notice though is that the card seemed thin compared to other minipci cards and when I tried to swap the the F52N with the R52Hn on the RB433 it wouldn't recognize it. I think it was because the card was so thin and it wasn't fitting into the socket tight enough to make good contact. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see how it would perform with F52N's on both sides of the link. I'm going to try getting it to work this week and I can report back with my results. -popcorrin

F52N-PRO, I just tested PTMP today. Here are my results Nstreme: 5 miles away: 100mbps udp recieve 7 miles away: 76mbps udp recieve 10 miles away: 50mbps udp recieve I will test NV2 later on. The results are rock solid. Plus I am testing from the truck and not on top of the house which may give me more distance. -dallas

"Kudos for a very original WISP design" - lutful Ottawa,ON

"We are using them in 5.8 range and they are working great" - desotoit Arcadia,FL

"we've tried a few of the 2.4 cards and they are doing quite well. Haven't tried the 5.8." - wvvawireless Richcreek,VA

"Tried those new dbii cards,they nothing short of awesome.I was using R5H cards on my main backhaul(signal used to be -51dbm)... However,my CCQ sits solidly on 100%/100% and my ping times are solid on 1ms-2ms even under load.I noticed too that my signal to noise has improved by 4db which is alot considering how noisy it is in durban central. Use those cards on parabolic dishes and you'll never look back." - Tyron South Africa

Well done dbii. I have now deployed your f50 pro cards on some backhaul and distribution antennas and I have to say I am impressed. I was using the RB5H cards untill they started failing at an alarming rate. I then reluctantly had to move to the XR5 from ubiquiti, The XR5 is reliable but lacked that edge on power that the RB card had and has a hefty price tag. I took up your kind offer of a free sample and not long after trying it out i found myself replacing all my RB5H cards. I now have a fast, stable network thank you guys, keep up the good work. p.s loooking forward to trying out your N cards - Karina

I use F20Pro in ever client radio I buy now. Out out 100 cards. I have 0% turn over rate. Before I used 8602plus s cards and they failed time to time. - dallasweitzel