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17 May 2011
Announcing new products to the PRO series. The newest additions are the F52N-PRO and SafeSurge PRO. After extensive testing we are finally releasing our most tested product to date. The new a/b/g/n card is an industry leading 28dBm power for the most comprehensive robust card available. It has the same ESD + Lightning protection as the other PRO series miniPCI cards up to 10kA, as well as twice the amount of certifications compared to the competition.

"I believe it is the most complete card that is out on the market in terms of performance and stability. Your network will not only improve in increased throughput but receive sensitivity as well. I'm so confident in the durability that I've offered Limited Lifetime Warranty which is an industry first. This should prove how confident we are in our product." said Lawrence

The F52N-PRO is certified for FCC, CE, IC, Anatel, as well as 4.9GHz.

14 September 2010
One of our suppliers made a small design design change on the MMCX without notifying us. We discovered on a rare occcasion the connection to the antenna is not made even though you hear a snap when connecting the antenna to the MMCX. If you notice a performance issue please notify support [at] dbii.com for a replacement.

28 July 2010
Some customers are experiencing Tx issues with the F20-PRO. If this has happened to you, please send us an e-mail for replacements. Some earlier F20-PRO's were more Tx sensitive and safeguards are now in place to prevent this from happening in the future (possible issues might have been a drop in Tx power). We apologize for any inconvenience caused to distributors and end customers.

6 December 2009
We discovered that a small portion of the F20's and F50's shipped between May 2009 and Aug 2009 are exhibiting transmitter signal degradation at low temperatures (below -10C). This problem will degrade the link quality and cause uncertain latency and throughput. If you notice this problem, please contact your distributor for replacements.

23 October 2009
"Dbii Networks and Ubiquiti Networks have resolved all litigation brought against one another, with all claims dismissed with prejudice. All other terms of the agreement are confidential."

25 June 2009
Dbii Networks, a leading designer of high-performance wireless broadband communication systems, announces the availability of the new PRO Series miniPCI radios with built-in lightning protection.

Our innovative patent pending architecture integrates the protection for the Radio Frequency (RF) antenna port and the Power over Ethernet (POE) port on the miniPCI radio. In the current market, the best built-in protection available for miniPCI radios has been limited to mere Electro-static Discharge (ESD) protection of the RF port. Such ESD protection is of limited use in the harsh outdoor environment as it does not protect against high energy carrying surges such as induced lightning. The PRO Series radios present for the first time miniPCI radios with built-in protection against such high surge events. The F50 -PRO and F20-PRO are radio modules supporting 32-bit mini-PCI Type IIIA featuring high output power of 500mW, built-in heatsink, and one of the best sensitivity among the radios on the market. The F50 & F20 PRO are fully compatible with variety of host boards and publicly available software platforms currently on the market.

"Dbii has made product innovation a priority, especially by adopting and setting higher standards across the industry. While other miniPCI radios in the market incorporate just ESD protection, the PRO-series protects against surges involving high currents. This will help speed the pace of protection that other manufacturers are sure to adopt in their products. The bottom line is, our cards will last longer, are cheaper to deploy than the competition, and drastically reduces overall equipment cost as well as the deployment time for the customer" said Lawrence Yen Business Development Manager of Dbii Networks.

The F50 PRO (802.11a) and F20 PRO (802.11b/g) are both FCC & CE certified and are shipping now. Limited samples are available upon request. The F50 PRO is also certified to be used at 4.9GHz in the U.S.

About Dbii Networks
Dbii Networks is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and selling a broad range of networking solutions. Since the company's inception, we produced wireless radios that showed extremely robust performance in the toughest of deployment scenarios. For more information, please contact sales@dbii.com or call +886-2-2346-3318

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5 May 2007
PepWave Selects Dbii Networks F50 for Their Upcoming High End 802.11a Citywide WiFi CPE PepWave, the leading provider of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for WiFi Networks all over the world selected the high performance 802.11a radio F50 from Dbii Networks for their upcoming 802.11a offerings.

The F50 will also be used in PepWave's 5GHz Wireless brides along with the 5GHz CPE.

4 May 2007
Dbii Networks Releases High Performance 802.11a MiniPCI Radio Dbii Networks released a high performance 802.11a MiniPCI radio, F50 targeted for the 5GHz outdoor wireless market. Besides having high output power, this radio also has the best receiver sensitivity and co-channel interference available in this product category. F50 has an output power of 500mW.